Friday, April 5, 2013

KEIO University Circles (Sakuru)

     We were back around 8 a.m. from last night. Met lots of people from our dorm going to school on the way. I decided I needed to get up at 12, as today was the last day to enjoy crazy days at campus, where people are dancing, singing and recruiting you. 
     I managed. The day was sunny and warm. On the way out I saw Kyohei, our Japanese friend, and we headed to the campus together. 
     I was simply enjoying the weather and great people, and awesome atmosphere. After a tasty lunch, I went around to search for interesting clubs and talk to people. Many clubs tried to recruit me. To my luck I found a representative of Keio boxing club sleeping on a table. Luckily, he spoke Japanese. He explained, that this is all serious, they train 6 days a week. He gave me his number and a map with directions how to get to the gym. And here came Kyohei, just on time. He was now free and was eager to show me the way to the boxing gym.
     We walked to the eastern  of the campus, down the hill. Along the road there were many buddings for different sports: tennis, judo, sumo, gymnastics and many more. The sports culture in really strong here in Japan, I was completely wrong in one of my first posts. We passed by the boxing gym and saw some people there, they waved at us asking to come it - that's what we did. They have taken us with Japanese hospitality. Two guys were on the ring, others looking. Few girls were also there watching the match. Kyohei helped to explain my situation in Japanese and the guys were eager to see me the next day (Saturday) at 11 in the gym. Awesome.
     Kyohei left and I returned to the main square and main stage, freestyle ballers were performing: 
Then it seemed like it was over: the guys in the suits started to walk around yelling smth loudly. I went in to the building which is headquarters of all clubs. There are 5 floors and all the rooms there are occupied by circles. Yesterday all walls of this building were full with promotional posters everywhere. Now people were taking everything off- school was about to start tomorrow. Japanese people have classes on Saturdays as well. 
     On the third floor I found a big room full of people, my favorite band (from yesterday) was playing again. I joined the dancing near the stage. After the performance, I asked, when I could hear them play again. One of the guys took me to their room, gave me a brochure, explained the schedule and gave a CD of their songs. Great people! Japanese hospitality! I returned back to the big room, thanked all the musician and vocalists (and they thanked me), and  a tour around the building. On some of the floors people were just practicing musical instrument (by themselves) in the middle of the corridor. WOW. These people are strange in a very cool way.

Performance of K.B.R. modern Shacks band


     Kotani-san's wife was downstairs and willing to study some Japanese with me. We learned for around an hour till it got busy in her office. I decided not to disturb and left. 
     In the lobby few Japanese guys met me. They said they were pleased to meet me, and were happy to hear I was Russian. One said, he wants to go to Sochi Olympics, but without Russian friends he can't do it... We exchanged contacts in Line. In a few hours both guys sent me messages, how pleased they were to meet me, what their hobbies was, where they were from and that they wanted to hand out some other time. Being a foreigner in Tokyo is definitely an advantage. 

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